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Timbo STP

Artist Name: Timbo

Twitter/Instagram: @TimboSTP

Timbo is a south London based recording artist known for being full of creativity and musical innovation. Timbo has managed to establish his own genre named “Afro-Hop” in the UK music scene and is receiving a very strong reception; having already worked with numerous credible artists and producers from the likes of Stormzy and Sneakbo. His buzz has resulted in a great following from fans both locally and nationally.

Timbo has performed and sold out shows both in the United Kingdom and across Europe; from shows at the Hackney Empire and abroad in Spain, Greece, France and Portugal. Timbo is seen as a positive figure in the community
and is thought of as a role model to many. Graduating from university whilst simultaneously pursuing his career in music; Timbo also works closely with youths in the local community in helping them working towards their goals.

With over a million views on his songs watched on YouTube, Timbo has generated a strong following across England which has also resulted in a large social media presence across many platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. He also featured on popular urban music platforms such GRM Daily, LinkUp TV and Tim Westwood TV.

Storming unto the scene as a member of an urban music group called STP, releasing three mixtapes with his team which have been very successful; with their third and latest mixtape, “Summer Time Passion” published on the ‘leading urban entertainment website’ – GRM Daily – and resulting in the crashing of the website due to the amount of traffic and downloads.


Timbo – Astalavista

Timbo – Do Anything ft Rugez

Timbo – In Control

Timbo – Cheetah

Timbo – Jumping ft M Dargg and Frass

Timbo – Afrobarz Freestyle

Timbo – Timbo

Timbo x Mitch – Transition

Deno x AJ Ldn ft Timbo – How we do

Timbo – Uber Everywhere (Freestyle)




Artist Name: Desperado 

Twitter: @Desperado_ogz



Starting from the age of four, Desperado the South London MC who forms part of Grime collective ‘The OGz’ recalls his earliest experience in finding his love for music.  Stemming from his home studio where his father used to record and play keys for ‘Soul to Soul’, the former South Souldier started writing lyrics and going bar for bar from the age of 16.

A seasoned name across the London pirate radio circuit , Desperado and his then crew appeared regularly on “On Top FM”. In gaining popularity and confidence in their art the crew entered a competition alongside X Factor winner, Alexandra Burke called “Urban Voices” – this would see the crew pick up more momentum that led to performances at different events across the country.

Desperado at this time was in his stride and has since earned his title in being one of the most talented MC’s in the UK.

In 2005, Desperado wrote a track titled: “Keep Your Heads Up” this grabbed the attention of then Manager of Jessie J, Raymond Stephenson who at the time was managing a campaign for ‘Mothers Against Guns’. The song was eventually signed by ‘Gut Records’ and sold nationally.

Following the break up of South Souldiers, Desperado was in high demand; in 2006 he went on to feature on ‘Lord of the Mics’ and ‘Risky Roads’ both historic Grime DVDs and now international Grime platforms.

As a fresh solo artist, Desperado put out his first mix tape called “Bars for Days” with collaborations from the ambassador of Grime Skepta, Flirta D, Joe Grind SN1 and Lil Dee.

From hearing young people across London attempting to recite Desperado’s fiery bars; to becoming a dormant artist for just over a year – this break would see Desperado, birth name Antonio Best travel the world, connect with european producers and find himself.

2008 saw the return of Desperado in full effect with a new crew managed by grime legend NE. The crew who are all from South London includes  P Money, Desperado, Holla Man Jendor, Lil Dee, Blacks, Castro, Ruger and DJ JJ.

As a collective they released a mix CD called ‘OGz season 1’ while working on Solo projects.

Desperado throughout his career has worked with the UK’s finest and most popular MC’s and artists – he’s featured on ‘Wileys’ album ‘Grime Wave’, Tinie Tempah also features on Desperado’s track ‘Roll Girl’ that flooded the urban club scene in 2009.

The South London Grime MC truly has a stake in not only the history of grime music but also the transition.

Desperado has features in his catalogue of music with Krept and Konan, Asher D (Ashley Walters), Skepta, Timbo STP and many more.

Travelling to Denmark in 2011 Desperado began working with Danish power production studio, Track Mansion where he recorded “Lost In The Light” a remix of Granity’s original song featuring Leonora – this opened up European doors for the artist that saw him perform on the international stage at the ‘Eurosport BMX championship final’.

The true transition of Desperado came in 2014 when he began working on his UK Rap album, Phase One. His dormant collective ‘The Ogz’ also decided to regroup and combine their solo successes across the team.

Phase One was realised via digital download and featured UK Grime Mcs and rappers such as P Money, Skrapz, Corleone, Kyze, Saf One and more.

His debut release from his Phase One mixtape “Kawasaki” named after the infamous bike garnered an impressive 500,000 views since January 2015.

The body of work has kept Desperado relevant across UK music and separates him from being an MC and an artist.

Setting a standard with high quality videos, cohesive collaborations with artists worldwide, Desperado has been pushing his music and experimenting with different beats and flows. Touring with the OGz and being a regular face at ‘Eskimo Dance’, ‘The Den’ and ‘Fabric’.

Desperado has had a career spanning the last ten years, alongside the greats of Grime – this South London writer and artist will be bringing everything new to UK music with his new releases featuring some of the most sought after artists in the country.

Music Links 

Regal Players ft Guests – Rude Boy:

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Granity ft Desperado & Leonora – Lost in the light:

Desperado ft P Money – Lock Your Doors:

Heavytrackerz ft (Various Grime Artists) – TRKRZ:

Desperado ft Skrapz & Corleone – Kawasaki:

P Money ft Desperado – Banditt Riddim:

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Phase One –

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